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TGS Hospitality Management provides hotel and resort owners with turnkey management and marketing solutions.It leverages our strength, experience and track record of having creatively and effectively addressed the challenges facing the hospitality industry and business in general.As such you will be supported by a sophisticated infrastructure and a highly experienced management team who understands how to tackle and resolve the core issues of optimizing revenue across the spectrum – from increasing room sales, upgrading F & B revenue, maximizing meeting and conference opportunities and enhancing the unique image and positioning of your property.
Our mission is to manage and develop your hotel using our extensive experience, resources, international alliances and high-level expertise. Our dedication, commitment and passion to deliver on our promises allow you to optimise your investment while being released from daily management responsibilities. You can then enjoy the peace of mind to explore new ventures and opportunities !

Expert revenue management

Skilled Revenue Management Team

work closely with your existing team to advise them on revenue management and distribution solutions, ensuring maximum profits.

Property visits

Regular visits from our team

Your property will benefit from regular visits from our team – both scheduled and unscheduled – for inspections, consultations, management, marketing and the like.

Bulk purchasing opportunities

Obtain regular savings

You will gain the advantage of regular savings and our bulk purchasing arrangements which we operate in conjunction with the other hotels we manage.


Hospitality Concepts

Drives guests to your hotel

To execute and manage a group of hotels, ensuring the highest levels of quality and service to guests, while providing an ever increasing profitability, facilitating growth and development of both the hotels and the employees.

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Interior Designing

We make it a reality

We provides professional interior design planning to each of our clients to fulfill your aim at functional requirements with the most cost-effective solutions for your space. The design stage is where we lay a foundation of research ...

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Right candidates to the companies

We provide right candidates to the companies only after initial screening with our Technical experts who are professionally Qualified.We believe Employees are Companies Most Valuable assets.So its very Important to select the right people...

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Planning, Organizing, Leading, & Controlling

Effective management and leadership involve creative problem solving, motivating employees and making sure the organization accomplishes objectives and goals. There are five functions of management and leadership: planning...

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Providing quality human resources to Companies

We providing quality human resources to Companies all over the world.To be the preferred and most sought after agency to provide skilled, semi-skilled, qualified and professional manpower to the international market from India.

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Career development services

We are your resource for learning about local and regional job opportunities; training and education programs. You have a complete career center at your disposal five days a week, so you don’t have to job search alone.

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More Features

Receive regular reports

You will receive regular reports - as often as you wish – depending on your needs.Many clients receive weekly reports providing month-to-date revenues, occupancy and Average Daily Rate (ADR) for the current month.

Attractive & contemporary design service

We have extensive knowledge and experience in current trends in hotel products and design and will be available to consult to ensure your hotel remains at the cutting edge of the industry.

Leads profitable Referrals

You need to have no concerns about integration as we have a proven track record of successfully blending together hotel teams and increasing profitability.

why choose us ?

highest international level Operation - 94%
Handmade Hospitality - 88 %
Sales Support - 92%
International network - 81 %
Powerful E-commerce channels- 95%
Sophisticated revenue tools - 85 %



There are lots of famous companies that we've worked for them and of course we've made them so happy !